'You forgot'


You forgot that, the day the leaves fell
Yellow afternoon anklet rim relax ...

You forgot the mountains, the clouds, the fog
Shravan, the darkness, the footsteps of darkness.

You forgot the dried flowers
Fallen buds, fasting of roses.

You forgot the color, the happiness of the snail
The face of light seen beyond darkness.

You have forgotten the field, the ghat of the middlemen
Running on the boat, hands on the lotus leaves.

You forgot the melody, the old voice
If the house is broken, weave the dream of Shalik.

You forgot that, the call of poetry
In letters, the ratio of the fractions you want to the letters.

You forgot the name, the old envelope
If you throw everything away, the top of the flower will be broken.

You forgot the mourning of the notification across the city
The face of my illness in your sorrow.

You forgot that, when Ka's day
I don't remember going back, back day.

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