Tyson Fury bets a million dollars with Jake Paul


The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, brother of the famed Tyson Fury, on August 6 will be more interesting than who wins in the ring.

Logan Paul placed a million dollar bet to English promoter Eddie Hearn a few weeks ago, and his brother Jake appears to be following in his footsteps, challenging the "King of the Gypsies" to open the pocketbook if he believes Tommy Fury can beat him.

The battle was supposed to take place in December of last year, but the British fighter became ill and suffered an injury, forcing him to postpone his return, but everything is now proceeding as planned, and the betting odds rank him as the favorite to defeat the youngest member of the Paul dynasty.

In this regard, Tyson Fury, the previous World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight champion, stated, "I wouldn't hesitate for a second to stake 100,000 pounds" in support of his brother.

In response, the American youtuber-turned-boxer turned on and challenged the "King of the Gypsies."

"Let's double your $40 million. Let's wager a million, two million, or whatever you want! "he added.

Tyson Fury had no choice but to accept the proposition that he supports his brother under this strategy.

"This is a message to Jake Paul. I hear you want to make a bigger bet than $100,000. You want a bigger bet, you want a million dollars. Let's do it. You want a million, you got it!" he emphasized.

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