Did you look for that obedient dog named Laika?


Dear, I miss you so much, I still hold your old letter in my chest every day, tears come to my eyes. I think of some old days.... Near the river that comes back at the speed of the wind, my hunger to see you, my thirsty chest. Where the civilized people of the society have dreamed of a soft flesh, the chest has burst open with thirst in the hope of a white vagina. Listen dear, I am a fallen meteor, whose search very few people in the world know. Where man sees a soft flesh, his eyes glaze over at the formation of the vagina; But I see a shimul cotton. White, pure, soft. Where a small shrine has been built in my prayers. Listen dear, this world has not become a suitable abode for lovers.

Lovers will be sitting under the magnolia tree. Listen dear, I wanted to be a bird in this birth, maybe it would fly away and sit on your neck. Maybe some morning magpie, who listens to you every day. Whenever I saw an airgun increase in the city, my desire vanished. Darling ...

Pictures of political unrest, murder and rape are being printed every day. When was our word printed, tell me? Listen dear, every kiss of ours has moved even more than what did not move people when they saw the death of people. The streetlights in the street trembled, why so much love; Break it — break it.

In a stock market where people are selling themselves by accounting, I-You is a cheap product. We are being sold in the corporate world. Teachers are also pushing Koshthita, Sainthita, debit, credit. They also want us to live as small machines of calculation. There is no lover-lover in the average of these calculations. People said crazy, but did not want to understand love.

Listen dear, I was also told that if I were like a handsome robot I would be like them. If you command it, it can work at lightning speed. But they did not want to understand our every touch. I am devastated by the lack of every kiss from you. A wreck of rubble has formed in your desire. Beloved, there are also small grass flowers growing there. The beauty of the grass that you are fascinated with, shake hands...

Dear, were you looking for that obedient dog named Laika? Like a lover who has died. Repeatedly shouted, I love; Let me love Let me live I will die on your way.

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