Covid cases are increasing due to people's overconfidence

Topic: Novel Coronavirus

The ongoing surge in Covid-19 cases is the result of people's overconfidence, according to Health Minister Zahid Maleque today.

"As a result of this situation, the infection rate has increased from 1% to 32%," he said at a meeting with owners of private hospitals and clinics.

"This is extremely concerning," he added.

Another reason for the increase in Covid-19 cases is a global one, he said, adding that Covid-19 cases have been increasing all over the world, including in Bangladesh.

However, there is some hope that transmission is waning in Europe and India, he said. The countries have recorded millions of Covid-19 cases, but the infection rate is gradually declining, he added.

The Omicron variant symptoms may be mild, but it is rapidly spreading.

The public hospitals are prepared to treat Covid-19 patients. Infected patients occupy approximately 25% of Dhaka's hospital beds. According to the minister, if the number of cases increases in this manner, the demand for hospital beds will rise.

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