Apple Watch Series 7 review


Apple Watch Series 7 review

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch on the market right now, and its larger screen is more important than you might think. The Apple Watch Series 7 makes excellent use of its larger screen, providing a genuine upgrade over previous models or the Apple Watch SE. It's a stunning, fast, and incredibly useful premium smartwatch that is easily the best of its kind for iPhone users.

REASONS To Buy Apple Watch Series 7

  • Larger screen with smaller bezels
  • Charges quickly.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Simple health and fitness features

REASONS To Avoid Apple Watch Series 7

  • The battery life is still one day.
  • Sleep tracking is still ineffective.
  • Hardcore fitness enthusiasts have fewer options.

Apple Watch Series 7 review: Price

The Apple Watch Series 7 was released on September 14th, 2021, immediately replacing the previous Apple Watch Series 6. The Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3 are still available as less expensive options.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is priced at £369/$399/AU$ for the 41mm size with an aluminum casing. It costs £399/$429/AU$ to get the 45mm aluminium version.

Apple Watch Series 7 review : Features

As previously stated, there aren't many eye-catching new features here. The new screen, which is 20% larger in area than the screen on the Apple Watch Series 6, is by far the most noticeable change. To accommodate it, the bezels have been shrunk to just 1.7mm, giving the impression that the pixels reach all the way to the metal frame.

With the larger screen, Apple has slightly changed watchOS so that it fits even more on the display in one go, and has added a QWERTY keyboard for the first time, making it a little easier to respond to messages directly from the watch. 

The screen also has a second notable feature: it is now much brighter when in 'Always-On' mode – that is, when you do not have your wrist raised. Apple claims it is up to 70% brighter than the Apple Watch Series 6, which is genuinely useful. Again, we'll go over it in greater detail in the following section.

The other major difference is the new faster-charging puck that comes with it, which has a USB-C connector on the other end. Apple claims it's 33 percent faster for charging, which roughly corresponds to our usage – once again, we'll go over everything battery-related in a later section.

The case is now dust-proof and IP6X rated, and there's a new redesigned chip powering inside, known as the S7, though don't expect drastic performance changes.

Apple Watch Series 7 review : Software

The software that powers the Apple Watch, watchOS, is the most capable smartwatch operating system available. If you delve into everything it can do, it feels like it's pushing at the seams of the Apple Watch at times – almost busting out of the device's small size – but you don't have to engage with it on anything more than a surface level if you don't want to. You can make it complicated or keep it simple. The Apple Watch's key trick is how it delivers notifications from your phone. But not all of them – just the ones you select. I don't want emails sent to my wrist, for example, because I get far too many – but I do want rain warnings from my weather app, as well as notifications when my smart doorbell is pressed and text messages.

You also have Siri on Apple Watch, which allows you to do a lot of things without touching anything – simply say "Hey Siri" and ask the Apple Watch to do anything from sending a text message (which you then dictate) to setting a timer to turning off your smart lights.

Apple Watch Series 7 review : Battery Life

The Apple Watch 7 has a new processor, but there is no significant improvement in speed, connectivity, or battery life over the Apple Watch Series 6, or even the Apple Watch SE.

I believe the Series 7 has slightly longer battery life than the Series 6, but real-world use varies so greatly (battery life, for example, can be greatly affected by how many workouts you do) that I wouldn't say for certain. However, in my experience with it, I've found that I have more of a battery buffer left when charging than I did with my Series 6.

Another factor that makes it difficult to say whether the battery life is significantly improved is the faster charging. Apple claims that it is 33�ster, and I've seen it charge from 30% to 80% in half an hour, which I would've expected to take about 45 minutes before, so I believe the promise is accurate. Apple also claims that 8 minutes of charging before bedtime will provide enough juice for 8 hours of sleep tracking, even if the battery is empty.

Apple Watch Series 7 review :Final Verdict

In my opinion, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still the best smartwatch on the market. That's not surprising – it's similar to the Series 6, but slightly improved, and no other watches have surpassed it in the interim.

If you own a Series 6, you'll be relieved to know that there's no compelling reason to upgrade (or, at least, your wallet will be). That's probably true for Series 5 users as well – though if you have the cash and want the pulse oxygen sensor and faster charging, I wouldn't blame you.

However, the temptation to upgrade will be strong for anyone who owns an Apple Watch 4 or earlier. You'd be upgrading to get the Always-On screen as well as the pulse oxygen sensor, as well as improved sensors in a variety of other areas, such as more accurate heart rate sensing and a much better compass for directions. In addition to the faster charging.

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