Probashir Diganta is the most popular leading Bangladeshi expatriate daily online newspaper and a portal of PROBASHIR DIGANTA LIMITED. We started our journey on August 19, 2014, with the mission to provide objective news and useful information to the people of Bangladesh. Our first priority is to present emergency information and news to expatriate Bangladeshis and highlight their demands and facilities of the public and at the national level. 

There are Millions of Bangladeshis living in different countries of the world for their different needs and livelihood and it is very important for them to know the important information and notifications immediately. So with the utmost priority, we started our journey to meet those needs and to get the right information and news to them. Also, one of our fundamental objectives is to help the expatriate Bangladeshis to highlights their problems to the national level and to play a leading role in their demand.

We are continuously working to bring the objective and true news to the people through courage and fearless journalism. We believe in professional journalism. We are continuing to move forward further. We create opportunities to become a journalist from root level. One of our young emerging brave journalists is constantly working together news from different countries around the world.

  • Establishment: Probashir Diganta was established on August 19, 2014.
  • Founders: Mohammad Abul Hasnat & Kazi Ashraful Islam.
  • Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad Abul Hasnat
  • Executive Editor: Kazi Ashraful Islam
  • Managing Editor: Mohammad Alauddin Siddiqui
  • Assistant Editor: Zahirul Islam Hiron
  • News Editor: Sheikh Sekander Ali

Our Mission:

  • To establish a reliable news media and source of information.
  • To Increase the public interest and provide them useful news and information updates.
  • To do transparent and impartial journalism.
  • To serve objective and truthful news with the honesty and courage.
  • To gain public confidence and ensure accountability to them.
  • To provide support and assistance to Bangladeshi expatriate peoples who stay abroad.
  • Cooperate and work together with government and non-government organizations engaged in the welfare of expatriates.